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Sifter Espresso, Wollongong

Sifters Espresso, Wollongong

Various different coffees. 82 Market St, Wollongong. Follow them on instagram and you could be forgiven for thinking there’s an indoor cafe at play here, but in fact, this is a combination of shipping containers and portable furniture. Sadly there was too much full sun in play for us to linger too long, but the stay we had (sitting on astro-turfed cubes) was fun. 

Sifters Espresso, Wollongong

There are plenty of different single origins to try (and some simple advice on how to have your coffee that manages not to be condescending), but it was the pour over that won the day for me.

A shipping container with a difference - Sifters Espresso, Wollongong

Great to see such passion for coffee in such a humble environment as a modified shipping container. Part of the emerging coffee scene in Wollongong, and well worth a visit. They even have brewnuts somehow (a daily round-trip to Newtown, I’m reliably informed)!


The Foundery, Port Kembla

The Foundery, Port Kembla

Wild Fox coffee. 142 Wenworth St, Port Kembla. There are a number of coffee roasters cropping up outside of Sydney, and this cafe first came up in conversation because of the roasters. More interesting, though, is the ownership and raison d’être of the cafe. It’s run by the Salvation Army as a way to give long-term unemployed people a set of skills they can build up to get back into the workforce.

Entryway - the Foundery, Port Kembla

There’s a lot of reclaimed timber in the fit-out, and a second hand bookshop with an enviable collection of books for very reasonable prices.

Where the magic happens - The Foundery, Port Kembla

Coffee is well put together - certainly well above what you might hope for out of a cafe in Port Kembla, and would stand well on its own. There’s cold drip on offer, and a range of hot or cold espresso drinks. The menu is simple (sandwiches and wraps for the most part), but well put together. It’s a venture worth supporting.


Movie: The Equalizer (2014)

The Equalizer is the new Denzel Washington action film from the director of Training Day. It’s a little over 2 hours long, with a slow build, some well orchestrated set pieces, and a truly disquieting bad guy - some scenes are uncomfortable viewing.

It’s a muted performance from Washington, but this well suits the character in question. If you’d like to watch Denzel Washington be a nice guy with a dark past, and you don’t mind some uncomfortable scenes, this is your film.


Movie: The Matrix (live with SSO)

Watching The Matrix some fifteen years after its original release (with my then-girlfriend, now-wife beside me again), but this time with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra live at the Opera House along with the movie.

With the exception of the flip phones and the occasional CRT monitor, the movie stands up well. Does it pass the bechdel test? Disputable. Do the combat scenes seem a bit slow compared to more recently released films? Sure. But there are some great quotes, and you can feel the influence of some of its lines.

There is no spoon.


Apple TV: Doubt (2008)

Apple TV: Doubt

When a Philip Seymour Hoffman movie comes up as the 99c movie of the week, you rent it, even if you’re not sure when you’ll have a chance to. Happily, I was able to make time. While not mentioning by name the accusations made against a parish priest (Hoffman), the inference is strong. It’s a well structured film, and has enough of a level of uncertainty throughout that it’s more about the characters than the underlying issue.

If you’re in the mood for a thoughtful drama, this is one to watch.